Tri-Partite Partnership Meeting
Background Documents 
Session 2: Updates from OHCHR, GANHRI and UNDP 

UNDP Presentation


Session 3: Perspectives from the Regional Networks

ENNHRI European Regional Report

Asia Pacific Forum TPP Report 2020

Open session: NHRIs as accelerators for the Sustainable Development Goals  

Merinda Declaration - The Role of NHRIs

Resolution GA - December 18 on NHRIs

NHRIs_ Accelerator, Guarantors and Indicators of Sustainable Development

SG Progress Towards the SDGs 

Handbook for the Preparation of VRNs_UNDESA

Presentation_NHRIs as SDG Accelerators 

Session 9: UN Response to COVID-19 and Role of NHRIs 

UN Framework for Immediate Socio-Economic Response to COVID-19

OHCHR COVID-19 Aide Memoir for NHRIs

Policy Brief for Human Rights 

We are all in this together

OHCHR COVID-19 Guidance

Letter from High Commissioner Bachelet 

OHCHR COVID-19 Guidance (Webpage) 

Session 10: UN Secretary General priorities: Call to Action on Human Rights

The Highest Aspiration - 

A Call to Action for Human Rights