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2020 UNDP Annual Meeting:


Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development

The meeting aims to promote an exchange between Member States, Practitioners, UNDP and UN experts and civil society on the rule of law, security and human rights. Whilst reflecting on the achievements of 2019, we will also take a close look at the complexity of the crisis precipitated by the Covid-19 virus pandemic in the rule of law sphere. In particular, we will showcase innovative responses based on human rights and built from solid partnerships with governments, civil society and the private sector.

We will launch an open, global conversation on the next phase of the UNDP Global Programme (2022-2025) to determine how best UNDP can orient its future support. We will also showcase a new global initiative on Business and Human Rights.

Rule of Law and Human Rights: 
2019 Annual Report Highlights 

Tri-Partite Partnership Meeting

June 24 & 25

On 24th and 25th of June the annual Tri-Partite Partnership meeting to Support National Human Rights Institutions co-hosted by UNDP, OHCHR and the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions will be taking place.

On  24th, a virtual knowledge exchange on the role of NHRIs in COVID-19 response and on accelerators of the SDGs will take place open to partners. On 25th June a priority setting and work planning session will take place by invitation only.

UNDP Annual Meeting 

June 29 - July 1  

The UNDP Annual Meeting will open on the morning of Monday 29 June with an opening session led by UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner focusing on how the rule of law, human rights, and security will contribute to rebuilding an inclusive social contract in the context of the crisis precipitated by COVID-19.

This will be followed by a discussion on the Global Focal Point (GFP) led by Asako Okai, Crisis Bureau Director/Assistant Secretary General, and Alexander Zouev Assistant Secretary-General, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, and key speakers include ASG Ilze Brands-Kehris from OHCHR, DSRSG Denise Brown from MINUSCA and DSRSG Bruno Lemarquis from Haiti. The conversation will continue with a focus on the impact of COVID-19 on transitional justice and access to justice.

Tuesday 30 June will commence with a panel on the future of Business and Human Rights and we will launch a new global initiative in support of this effort. We will then hold a roundtable on digital transformation and justice innovations in the context of COVID-19 and how they inform the future.

On Wednesday 1 July, there will be an invitation only partners meeting.

The meeting will launch the online consultations for the next phase of the UNDP Global Programme (2022-2025). We aim to crowd source perspectives, views, and opinions to inform the direction of UNDP’s plans.



Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Annual Meeting will be held in the format of a virtual learning symposium from June 29 to 1 July. The online format will allow greater participation and provide the opportunity to hear from more voices, both from our partners and beneficiaries.

Virtual Meeting | June 29 to July 1

All sessions take place EST-Eastern Time (New York)

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