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Top left: New international judges of the Special Criminal Court pledging their oath in presence of the President of the Central African Republic. ©UNDP CAR

Bottom  left (first image): A young beneficiary of the Goudoumaria reintegration center for  former Boko Haram combatants, victims, and released persons in the Diffa region. © UNDP Niger

Bottom left (second image): Brigadier-General Aliya, General Director of the Family Protection Department, Ministry of Interior of Yemen. © UNDP Yemen

Bottom right: Model Police Station Initiative, Al-Salihya Police Station in Baghdad, Iraq. ©UNDP Iraq 



Meeting Information

The rule of law, equal access to justice, security, and respect for universal human rights lay at the heart of the Common Agenda and achievement of the SDGs. UNDP’s commitment is crystallized in the Global Programme for Strengthening the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Justice and Security for Sustainable Peace and Development. Anchored on strategic partnerships, and in direct response to the Secretary-General’s priorities on prevention and sustaining peace, UNDP’s work through the Global Programme represents a unique and significant contribution to making the SDGs a reality, especially in contexts affected by crisis, conflict, and transitions.

UNDP will convene the 2022 Annual Meeting on Rule of Law and Human Rights on 21-22 June. The meeting provides the opportunity to launch Phase IV of UNDP’s Global Programme for Strengthening the Rule of Law, Human Rights, Justice and Security for Sustainable Peace and Development 

The meeting will showcase strategic partnerships and UNDP’s strengthened commitment to improved knowledge management and learning through the co-creation of policy pieces on e-justice, people-centered security, transitional justice, human rights, constitutions, and environmental justice with practitioners, academics, UNDP and UN partners.

The Annual Meeting will be held as a virtual forum, participants will include high-level UN officials, Permanent Representatives, Ministerial-level national counterparts, UN Member States, stakeholders from across the UN system, and representatives from think tanks, academia, private sector, and civil society.

Translation in French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic will be available.

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